Look Inside

 June 2013 Performance Series

Kristy Simmons and Justin Fair in collaboration at doris-mae

Look Inside is a collaborative performance piece that utilizes live actors, staged video, performance and movement to engage the audience (as pedestrians) in an ongoing street drama unfolding in front of them. Curator Thomas Drymon tapped playwright Kristy Simmons and performance artist Justin Fair to create new works and engage in an ongoing dialogue about the theme and integration of their individual pieces into a complete set.

Using the solo space of doris-mae, the performance will move from one part of the room to the next as the play is interrupted by other action. It engages the audience in the same way that a stroll down the street is punctuated by various happenings—an argument between a couple, cell phone conversations, performance, pan-handling. The venue itself, located on 14th Street NW, becomes part of the play as the sounds of traffic and passers-by become integrated into each presentation.

Simmons’ short play about three couples examines the challenges people have in communicating with one another. We see a common pattern emerge among the three couples—the desire or insistence that the other person in the relationship change.

Justin Fair’s video and performance pieces take an inward turn, as the artist examines what it means and what it takes to make change within oneself. His video piece, composed of drumming and chanting, is designed to open himself up to meditation. His performance piece examines the tension in the body and mind that is a result of this self-reflection.

Woven together, these two pieces play on the notion of interior and exterior, public and private, inside and outside. They delve into the nature of change within a relationship and within oneself. The audience, as voyeur, becomes a participant in these struggles.

Join us at doris-mae for one of these performances and stay afterward to discuss the performance with Kristy, Justin and curator Thomas Drymon. Wine and beer will be available during this reception.

Audience size is limited to 20 people per performance. The audience is asked to stand during the performance and move about the space with the action. Limited seating will be available. Running time is under an hour.

There is no charge for these performances, but we kindly ask you to make a suggested donation of $10 to compensate the performers who donated their time.

To see bios of the actors in Kristy Simmons’ piece, please click here.

RSVP to one of the following performances by clicking on the email link below. Please indicate in your email what night you’d like to see the performance and the number in your party. You will receive a confirmation email from Thomas Drymon at doris-mae:

Friday, June 14, 8pm—PERFORMANCE SOLD OUT

Saturday, June 15, 8pm

Friday, June 21, 8pm

Saturday, June 22, 8pm