April 2014

A Slight Suggestion
an interdisciplinary installation by Steve Wanna

Trained in music composition, Steve Wanna applies much of the experimental ways in which he composes music into creating A Slight Suggestion, an installation combining sculpture, sound, light, video and photography.  Setting a process in motion a year ago, Wanna explored assimilating the observation of natural phenomena into his creative process, resulting in an experiential occurrence unique to the space in which it occupies.

“The works in this exhibit are inspired by my encounters with the world of shadows that surround us, a world that we often miss. Shadows of tree leaves on sunny, windy days animating sidewalks, and ordinary objects casting intricate silhouettes on various surfaces are all part of a lively theatre that’s constantly appearing and disappearing around us. This fleeting world is sometimes as wild as the wildest dancing, more poignant and arresting than sunsets and poetry–and it is all hidden in plain view.” – Steve Wanna

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