April 2013

Sean Smith and Dafna Steinberg

Questions about gender identity and the masculine and feminine are big, so for the purposes of this latest exhibition at doris-mae, we’ve narrowed the conversation down to the presentation of the ideal and its effects on men and women today.

In the solo space, Sean Smith subverts the masculine by coupling images of sensual frosted cupcakes topped with swirls of buttercream and vintage jockstrap- and speedo-clad bulging crotches. With a backdrop of lurid colors and graphic elements (and bow ties), the paintings confuse our notion of what the masculine archetype is and encourage us to examine how men have been defined since the 70s and before.

In the project space, Dafna Steinberg turns her attention to the mid- to late-century representation of the woman as home-maker as seen in cookbooks, diet books and magazines of the era. In this world, expectations of the feminine were set against a crowded background of table scapes and impeccable wardrobes. Dafna examines the far-reaching effects of this type of presentation on contemporary women, openly examining her own relationship to food and her body.

Join us at doris-mae Saturday, April 20 from 6-8pm, for the opening reception of this exhibition. An eating performance by Dafna Steinberg will begin shortly after 7:00pm in the project space.

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